Welcome to the Insane World of Doctor Inevitable


 I'm still experimenting

and wondering why things do what they do. Ever use an accordion slider ?

They are fun to play with once you figure out the code.

Do you know what a phenakistoscope is?

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The Lab is busy!

Bald eagle feeding
Feeding Time

For a fun time, visit the live bald eagle web cam. Mother Nature at work in the wild.


Just click on pic!

Honeymoon Island....

Just where is this mystery place?

Water Island?

Yes! The 4th biggest island of the US Virgin Islands! Visit

It's Inevitable

Doctor is thinking
There has be a way........
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My new daily visitor
wild birds
Thanksgiving dinner? Nope! Click pic for larger view
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My how time flies.

Today is February 9, 2016

I have been a Jimdo (free)

member for more than two and a half years.......


I've been quite busy


Life is still Good 


 A psychopath is better

        than no path


Every day is

home made bread day


Every night is

home made pizza night