Superbowl 49          New England 28 Seattle 24

an exiting ending

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COMING SOON............... Canterbury Tails

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J'Town Tree Service

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New Year Day Documentary

last sunset
Welcome 2015

A Bah-Humbug Christmas Parody

A narrative by Doctor Inevitable with apologies to Clement C. Moore

Every Once In A While..... A Profound Message

Sad, but in the USA, 3.5 million people are homeless

Winter Monsters Appear Outside Doctor's Lab

Is he harmless
Is he harmless
or dangerous ??  More pics Page 7
or dangerous ?? More pics Page 7

Woman Terribly Photoshops Mattress

Terrible Photoshop
Terrible Photoshop
Good Job, Doctor   Story on Page 8
Good Job, Doctor Story on Page 8

Doctor Inevitable spots UFO

This kind of stuff is not easy to fake ! Story on Page 6

* * EXTRA * * UFO Update...........Unbelievable

UFO sucks Big Dipper from Night Sky       Video Page 6
UFO sucks Big Dipper from Night Sky Video Page 6

UFO sucks in too much energy and EXPLODES

Being Greedy always gets you in trouble!
What next?
Did he ever have any?
This looks like old news









It's not the first time
It's not the first time



at him!







he is


his lid!

Sometimes the

doctor has had

a bit too much.







or so I've heard

bread Intro
The Doctor never ceases to amaze himself!





Doctor Inevitable has your health care and ailment worries under control.



...for more info turn to page 66


Hot Sauce
Ridiculous To Insanely 10 plus Hot ... See Recipe Page

It's Inevitable

Doctor is thinking
There has to be a better way........
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My new daily visitor
wild birds
Thanksgiving dinner? Nope! Click pic for larger view
Click pic for larger view
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My how time flies.

Today is March 0, 2019.

I have been a Jimdo (free)

member for near 5 years...... Where does time go?


Having too much fun


I've been quite busy


Life is still Good 


 A psychopath is better

        than no path


Every day is

home made bread day


Every night is

home made pizza night


All is well with new Jimdo changes and editor.